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What Our Clients Say

“Thank you, Elizabeth, working with you saved my marriage!!”


Tom S. Queens, NY

"I was fortunate enough to work with and be guided by someone like Elizabeth."


 Vicky B. New York, NY

“Elizabeth is an excellent therapist! She is empathic, intuitive, and connects emotionally to her clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet her. Her guidance helped me grow and become a better person!”


Paul M, New York, NY

"It was a powerful session. I carried anger for so many years not realizing the toll it took on me physically and my relationships. Elizabeth guided me through the pain toward forgiveness." Debbie J, Miami, FL

"Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in hypnosis. I highly recommend her" Jason G, Richmond, VA

"Elizabeth is a  true Healer!" Tracy B, Los Angeles, C

"I feel comfortable telling Elizabeth anything! She listens with no judgment. It's hard to find a good therapist!" Andrea C, Bronx, NY

“Working with  Elizabeth I learned more about myself and where the anxiety started.”

Sal M. Queens, NY


“I felt comfortable sharing my feelings with Elizabeth. She was very supportive and guided me through the pain. I highly recommend her services!” Vanessa B.

New York, NY


“I had a powerful experience working with Elizabeth. It took me a few days to take it all in. She tuned in to me and saw my pain... I recommend working with her to anyone...”

Michael P

Hewlett NY

"Elizabeth creates a welcoming and relaxing place for her clients to pursue their personal growth while achieving their goals. ​ She works with clients on a one on one basis, always looking to help the client connect with their own inner power by finding answers to the challenges within themselves. Whether the issues concerns fear, worry, stress, weight, smoking, or self-development, Elizabeth comes to a session believing that the client has within themselves the inner wisdom to identify and resolve the issues and problems they face. Through the process of self-discovery, she assists clients in uncovering what might be standing in their way or holding them back from achieving their potential. "


 Julia S. New York, NY


"I no longer distract myself with food."

Amy B.

Queens NY

"Everyone should try this and experience firsthand the benefits of hypnotherapy."

Michael S. 

New York, NY

“Working with Elizabeth exceeded my expectations”.

Dan S.

New York, NY

“Just life-changing! Elizabeth validated my experiences as a survivor of domestic violence and taught me how to establish healthy boundaries!”

Daniella R.

New York, NY

“I took one of Elizabeth’s sexual abuse support groups. It wasn’t easy to open up and share my experiences, but Elizabeth always spent extra time with you on the days you needed it. I learned how to take my power back and stand up for myself. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth. She is an amazing therapist!” Anne L. Brooklyn, NY

"I had a powerful experience working with Elizabeth."

Maria G. Flushing NY”

"I highly recommend Elizabeth's services!"

Jennifer C.

Little Neck, NY

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